This is a collection of some of the best writings of Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta (1853-1932). The Anarchist Revolution makes available 25 polemical articles originally published in 1924-1931, including classics like A Project of Anarchist Organisation, Democracy and Anarchy, and Questions of Tactics. Although the articles are polemical in character, they are also more scholarly than the average anarchist tract. Readers who are looking for violent sloganeering will be disappointed. Of particular interest are Malatesta’s insightful commentaries on the different varieties of anarchism - syndicalism, mutualism, individualism and communism. His own preferences are for communist anarchism, but he remains pragmatic and open-minded in the face of differing opinions. To quote from his 1929 essay Some Thoughts On the Post-Revolutionary Property System (reprinted in this collection, pages 113-119): “Probably all possible forms of ownership, use of the means of production and all forms of distribution will be experimented with … until practical experience identifies the best form or forms.” Malatesta comes across as an erudite anarchist journalist in the pages of this anthology, and I gladly recommend it to anyone who wants an introduction to libertarian communism. The Anarchist Revolution by Errico Malatesta can be read and downloaded in PDF format here: The Anarchist Revolution - Malatesta

This isn’t even exaggerating anymore

Palestinian activists destroy power lines to illegal Israeli steelement near Ramallah


The world stands with Palestine.

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Dogs allowed, nazis not.

Revolution till victory